Jobs with us

Are you aged between 15 and 24 and just can't seem to change your employment prospects?
Are you frustrated by a lack of interesting work opportunities which help you break new ground?
Are you losing your motivation to work because all roads to work look the same ... Dead ends??

Then maybe Young Harvest is the answer for you!

We offer guaranteed work for young people aged 15-24 who meet our eligibility criteria. The work we offer is through our Young Harvest Social Enterprise project, where participants can secure paid work for a minimum of seven hours per week in enterprises which are operated by our young participants.

Along with the casual work component our youth are offered unpaid, and very interesting (and slightly 'different') skills development sessions that encourage them to challenge themselves, think about what aspects of works interests them, and to grow into confident adults.

Young Harvest includes field trips, guest speakers, and even the opportunity to be involved in the promotion, marketing, and sales of products that Young Harvesters proudly produce.

Young Harvest is about starting a business, a sense of pride in what you do, and learning your value as an integral part of a team ...

Think about it, and contact us on 9842 9399 or visit contact us ..."