Young Harvest


Young Harvest is an Empowering Youth Initiatives Round 1 project funded by the Commonwealth Department of Employment.

Albany and the Great Southern region is the recipient of one of only 20 innovative project awarded nationally. These projects are aimed at finding new and more effective ways to support regional and rural youth-at-risk of long term unemployment.

Young Harvest is based in Albany and is a ground-breaking initiative with the potential to radically change and improve employment prospects for young people living in regions. It will provide valuable knowledge for services delivering to youth in regional Australia.

Young Harvest is a social enterprise system supporting young people struggling to find meaningful employment. It offers:

*   Casual employment in a real farming enterprise;
*   Working in a team alongside other young people;
*   Being mentored by professionals with relevant farming and cropping skills and,
*   Development sessions which empower youth to discover their individual, personal and professional attributes

Participants are given ownership of their enterprise and the opportunity to make decisions about sales, promotion and marketing, how they farm, and their business ethics.


Young Harvest participants must be:

*   Aged 15 to 24 years of age


*   Have been unemployed for one year or more; or
*   Have a highest level of education of Certificate 1 or below; or
*   Are currently being supported by a job active Provider; or
*   Have a history of being under-employed or displaying a poor attachment to work.

If this sounds like you, someone you know, or your family member, then contact us andcome in to find out more ...


The Support we offer

*   One to one support / mentoring with a Young Harvest team member to help young people set and work toward their employment goals and eliminating barriers to employment

*   We deliver interesting group interactions to encourage young people to developwork place and life skills

*   Transport to help participants get to us, to attend our work sites and field excursions, and

*   Individually tailored planning to identify and address specific employment barriers

How do we do it?

*   We listen to our community and Young Harvest participants and respond to identified needs
*   We work with regional workforce planning and other agencies to positively identify employment opportunities for our participants

*   We work collaboratively with other services to help support young people by filling gaps in service provision.

*   We deliver practical work projects that provide young people with the opportunityfor personal and workplace skills development that employers look for in employees; such as resilience, teamwork, punctuality and self-confidence.

Young Harvest is not a trainingprogram. We are not a training institution. We support youth to aspire to and work towards higher qualifications and training and to gain work experience ...

So they have can an equal shot at a bright future in the workforce.

Young Harvest is an Empowering Youth Initiatives Round 1 project funded by the Commonwealth Department of Employment.

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